Empowering Families, Fostering Success

Our school district believes in the importance of family involvement and support to enhance the educational journey of our students. We offer a range of resources and programs aimed at strengthening the school-family partnership, including:

  • Project Neighborhood Aftercare
    Michael Jackson, site coordinator, 615-687-4024

  • GED classes - providing opportunities for adult learners to further their education and career prospects.

  • Tutoring - individualized support to help students excel academically and reach their full potential.

  • Social and Emotional Learning - equipping students with essential life skills and emotional intelligence to thrive in both school and life.

  • Communities in Schools - a collaborative effort to connect students and families with essential community resources and support.

These programs and initiatives are designed to strengthen our school community, ensuring every student receives the necessary support and guidance to achieve their goals. We are committed to working together with families to create a nurturing environment for our students to succeed. Your partnership is invaluable to us.