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A Museum School

Robert Churchwell Elementary offers a unique educational experience. Our school houses a real museum, creating endless learning opportunities for our students. They actively participate as curators, designers, and docents, managing our ever-changing collection of artifacts from renowned museums and generous contributions from Churchwell families.

As a museum school, we provide Paideia instruction, fostering respectful communication and skills such as active listening and conceptual understanding. Our students can access the district's gifted learning program and enjoy blended learning in every classroom. We also extend the school day and offer a diverse range of after-school clubs, including theater and swimming.

Our commitment to family involvement is unwavering. We invite parents to monthly "family expeditions" to local museums and attractions on Saturdays, encouraging the participation of all family members. Additionally, we host "Mother's Monday" and "Father's Friday" to provide parents with opportunities to share lunch with their children.

Recognizing the importance of our parents in the community, we offer regular phone calls and email communication to support them. Our monthly parent support group allows for sharing concerns and receiving academic assistance training. Our dedicated team, including a school social worker, family outreach specialist, and community outreach coordinator, collaborates with external agencies to offer services such as counseling, tutoring, and programs like "Students with Academic Greatness" (SWAG) in partnership with Tennessee State University. Through our association with Nashville State Community College, we also offer GED classes to our parents.

Discover the unique experience that is Robert Churchwell Elementary, a Museum School."

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7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

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